Top Trends for Nursery Design in 2018

If you’re trying to put together a nursery and need inspiration, rest assured that nursery design trends have moved far beyond a collection of uninspiring pastel shades and drab furniture. In fact, with so many new and modern options available for design, you can make your baby’s nursery the most picture-perfect room in your home. Here are our favorite on-trend nursery ideas for 2018.

Design a Nursery to Grow With Your Baby

It’s not only fashionable, but practical, to select furniture and accessories your baby won’t outgrow as soon as he or she becomes a toddler. For example, many cribs are designed to convert into regular children’s beds, and some changing tables have detachable tops that allow them to become a standard dresser.

Go for Bold Colors and Patterns

Excellent news for modern design lovers: While pastels have been a longstanding nursery design trend, they are not the ideal nursery choice to stimulate a baby’s interest. Research has proven that bold, contrasting colors and graphic patterns register most powerfully with a baby by sending strong visual signals to their developing brain.

Some ideas of places to incorporate patterns are:

  • Wallpaper or an accent wall

  • Bedding and upholstery

  • Throw pillows and area rugs

And don’t overlook the ceiling, which is the part of the nursery a newborn baby will spend the most time gazing at.

Gray Is the New Yellow

If you are keeping the sex of your baby a surprise – or if you just prefer gender-neutral colors – choose gray as your nursery’s main color, then add bold accent colors for a modern, clean look. For an even more dramatic look, try combining different patterns and shades of gray throughout the space.

Choose a Theme to Tie Everything Together

Nursery design can be much easier if you choose one theme and keep it consistent throughout the space. You can carry elements of your chosen theme through to the wall art, accent pieces and even furniture.

Plan Plenty of Storage

While your baby may be small, you will find your nursery storage needs are anything but.

Opt for easy storage solutions, like baskets and bins, to keep small items within easy reach, in combination with shelving to display larger supplies, photos and decorative accent items. Paint the backs of open shelves in a cheerful, contrasting color to liven up the room.

Just because you are designing your nursery to be a safe and comforting space doesn’t mean it has to be dull or uninspired. Incorporate one or all these exciting design ideas in your baby’s nursery to create a space that meets all the needs of your growing baby, while providing visual impact both you and your child will appreciate in the coming years.