Top Tips to Create an Organized Nursery

As a new parent, you’ll quickly learn organization is crucial to setting up a practical nursery which you can use stress-free. Whether you’re dressing, changing or feeding a baby, you want to make things as convenient as possible for yourself by putting everyday items like onesies, diapers and burp cloths in a place where you can find them easily.

Here are some top tips for creating an efficient nursery that will preserve your peace of mind and keep your little one happy and thriving.

1. Drawer dividers: To use drawers more efficiently and keep small items separated, divide drawers with shoeboxes or small plastic bins.

2. Multipurpose dresser: Instead of a changing table, which only serves one purpose your baby will soon outgrow, choose a sturdy dresser and place a changing tray on top.

3. Laundry hamper: Keep a laundry basket in the nursery within easy reach of the changing area. You can even find a fun animal-shaped hamper and make it into a nursery focal point.

4. Storage cubes: Storage cubes can be both cute and practical. Use them to round up stuffed animals, extra blankets or any other source of clutter in the nursery. Look for wheeled baskets for even more versatility.

5. Closet dividers: Babies grow so fast it can be hard for you to keep up with their wardrobe. Easily keep the closet organized with practical plastic dividers.

6. Shoe organizer or wall pockets: Hang a set of wall pockets or an over-the-door shoe organizer to store smaller items, such as bibs, pacifiers and toys.

7. Outgrown clothing storage: As your baby outgrows items of clothing, there’s no need to keep them in the closet or dresser. Instead, stash them away in a storage bin or basket that contains them until you’re ready to either donate them or use them as hand-me-downs for another child.

8. In-closet organization: Choose hanging shelves, stackable cubes or even a small, inexpensive shelving unit to maximize vertical storage space in your baby’s closet.

9. Keep items close at hand: Products and clothing you use every day should be easy to access, not hidden away. For example, put diapers, ointments and baby wipes in the top drawer of your combination dresser and changing table to stay organized and keep these necessities within arm’s reach, so they are always exactly where you need them.

10. Under-crib storage: When you need extra storage space, look to the unused area under your crib. Get wicker baskets or plastic storage cubes and slide them under the crib for instant extra room.

11. Stay flexible: Your organizational needs will change as your baby grows, so create a space that can stay fluid and flexible.

You never really realize how many things your little one amasses until they’re seemingly taking over your life. Get a handle on clothes, pacifiers, diapers, toys and everything else a growing baby needs with these easy organizational tips. When your nursery is clutter-free, you’ll be amazed by how much less stressful parenting is.

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