The Basics of Minimalist Nursery Design

If your personal style gravitates toward simple and pared-down, you may find yourself drawn toward the idea of creating a minimalist nursery to start your baby’s style off on the right foot. However, as a quick jaunt through the baby aisle of your local department store will quickly demonstrate, most nursery design is the exact opposite of minimalist, with busy patterns and toys on every available surface. Don’t panic! Here are our best tips for turning your baby’s room into a minimalist oasis.

Start With a Neutral Color Scheme

Modern minimalist design is all about selecting your color palette wisely – and that means opting for neutral base colors like beige, white and gray. You can always introduce small pops of color here and there, but you’ll need to be mindful not to go overboard.

Choose High-Quality Pieces

One of the challenges of the “less-is-more” mindset is that it leaves you with some difficult choices. You’ll need to give each piece careful consideration before you decide if it’s worth adding to the room. With a nursery, this can be especially challenging because baby furniture like cribs and changing tables are often designed with the mindset that a child will only use them for a year or two before outgrowing them.

In your minimalist nursery, avoid overspending on trendy “one-and-done” items. Instead of a changing table that will become obsolete as soon as you potty-train your child, invest in a well-made dresser that will stand the test of time, and temporarily convert it into a changing table by placing a topper on it.

Mix it up With Texture

If you’re worried your minimalist nursery will seem too bland or boring, texture is one easy way to add visual interest. Minimalism and luxury don’t have to be mutually exclusive! Add fluffy blankets, plush pillows and rich rugs to turn up the comfort factor. Just keep it simple and clean, and don’t mix too many materials at the same time.

Storage Saves the Day

You’ve cut through the clutter and found one or two perfect, classic pieces of furniture for your baby’s nursery, but you still have to find somewhere to put all those diapers, onesies, blankets and socks. Don’t be afraid to get sneaky and invest in stylish storage. Look for sleek storage solutions that give you a space for everything, while still appearing outwardly collected and put-together. Storage cubes and cabinets are an ideal answer for those who love the minimalist look, but have accumulated enough baby supplies to equip a small army.

Your Perfect Minimalist Nursery

Armed with this advice for styling a streamlined baby’s room, you can apply the approach to designing a space that is soothing, peaceful and inviting. You and your baby will be spending many happy hours in this room, so it’s worth your time to make your minimalist nursery a haven by investing in quality furniture, being smart about storage and adding just the right amount of color and texture to keep things intriguing.