Oh The Babies You’ll Grow

You’ll be painting a wall

You’ll be choosing a crib

And before you know it

Your babe’s spitting up all over his bib

You can try to count sheep

But when they finally sleep

Someone rings the doorbell

And you blurt out *beep*

Anxiety too

Becomes all too apparent

To this I’d say welcome

To being a parent

Will they fall? Be too tall?

Be too short or too small?

Shouldn’t she walk yet?

Is he supposed to still crawl?

Is he happy or sad?

Is she calm now or mad?

Hey, if somethings not right

You can always blame dad

Between dirty diapers

And laundry loads high

You’ll be looking around

Now your house is a sty

But the laundry’s no issue

Though it stretches a mile

Because there’s one thing that matters

That's your little one’s smile

And they grow up so fast

And the diapers don’t last

And before you blink twice

It’s all in the past

So enjoy every moment

Because adventure awaits

For you and your little one

I promise, it’s great