Ideas for a Halloween Nursery

DISCLAIMER: we don't actually recommend this as an idea for a nursery. We don't want to be responsible for years of therapy for your child. But we thought it would be fun so we did it anyway.

Looking for a unique twist on your baby’s nursery? By choosing a Halloween theme, you can give your child’s room a creepy and kooky vibe that sets it apart from the rest. With no tricks and all treats, these ideas are fun and perfect for your little goblin, witch, princess or vampire. You can dress up your child’s room with seasonal spookiness that provides year-round thrills and chills.

This Is Halloween

Adults and kids alike love Halloween because it’s a day when nothing is what it seems. Conventional behavior goes out the window as people dress up in fanciful costumes, scare each other for fun and eat candy all day. Invite Halloween into your child’s nursery with an orange-and-black color scheme. Your little mischief maker will love growing up surrounded by a touch of creepiness. You could even draw from your favorite Halloween kids’ movie for inspiration! Think like Tim Burton and search for black-and-white striped wallpaper or curtains, or go a little bit more old-school Hollywood with antique candelabra and urns.

Flair and Scare

If you love the spooky vibe of Halloween, but want to go a little bit more colorful, consider embracing a Dia de los Muertos theme. This Mexican tradition takes place around the same time of year as Halloween, but has a celebratory, festival vibe that includes parties, parades, dancing and singing. It’s a feast for the senses with plenty of flowers, candles and brightly colored skulls and skeletons to honor loved ones who have passed on. You can add a Dia de los Muertos flair by stringing strands of pierced paper across the room, or adding a mural that features a joyously painted altar.

Hocus Pocus

Another way to incorporate a Halloween theme into your child’s nursery is to add unexpected twists. After all, Halloween is about shaking up the status quo and doing things a little differently than the norm. There are no wrong answers when it comes to decorating a Halloween nursery, whether you want to make it fun and friendly or a little bit more Gothic and dark. Search your local secondhand shops for heavy wood furniture like shelves and dressers, then add a plush throw rug and a velvet-covered chair to evoke feelings of an old castle.

If Halloween is your favorite holiday, why not bring it into your home? With a little bit of ingenuity – and a lot of pumpkins, spiders and bats – you can create a nursery that has the spirit of All Hallows’ Eve. Just make sure it’s not so scary that your baby will need lifelong therapy to recover!