How to Design a Royal Nursery

American actress Meghan Markle is having a whirlwind year. After marrying Prince Harry in May and becoming the duchess of Sussex, she recently made headlines by announcing that she is pregnant, with a baby due in spring 2019.

If you’re also expecting a little one and feeling solidarity with the duchess, you may be planning a royal-themed nursery. While your future baby won’t be next in line for the throne, there’s no reason you can’t give him or her a room fit for a little prince or princess! Check out these nursery ideas inspired by the upcoming royal baby.

Choose Neutral Colors

Using a neutral color palette as the backdrop of your nursery design can help lend an elegant and classy feel to the room. Whether you choose white, gray or beige tones – or combine all three – you have an excellent starting point for a baby’s room that evokes a feeling of luxury.

Go All-Out on a Crib

The crib can be the focal point of any nursery, but especially one that’s royally inspired. Whether you choose a fanciful crib shaped like a carriage, or go over the top – literally – by placing a frilly canopy over baby’s bed, you can make your nursery feel like stepping into a room at Buckingham Palace. And don’t forget the fancy bedding to go with it! Look for a sheet set printed with tiny crowns or a bed skirt with faux-ermine trim.

Create a Throne Room

No royal nursery would feel complete without a throne – but you don’t have to take that literally, of course. An overstuffed gliding rocker with touches of wood is well worth the investment for those middle-of-the-night feeding times or story hour. You don’t have to be a duke or duchess to appreciate a comfortable, well-made chair!

Borrow a Page From Kate’s Book

Meghan Markle’s new sister-in-law Kate Middleton, the duchess of Cambridge, famously put together a Peter Rabbit-inspired nursery for all three of her royal offspring. The cherished series of classic children’s books includes lovable animal characters and scenes of the British countryside, which makes it a charming theme for decorating a nursery. Plus, you know your baby will be in good company with Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte.

Plush Is the Name of the Game

When you’re creating a royal-themed room, don’t overlook the accessories. Choose finishing touches like a luxurious area rug, rich velvet drapes, embroidered tapestries and ornate mirrors and light fixtures to make the room feel like a royal oasis. When accessorizing a royal nursery, you can often find the perfect pieces at antique or vintage shops.

Make Your Royal Nursery a Reality

Your new baby will soon rule your life, so what better way to welcome them into the world than with a nursery design that puts them in the lap of luxury? A royal-themed nursery is the perfect way to bring style and sophistication to your home – even if you can’t trace your bloodline back to Henry VIII.

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