How To Design A Gorgeous Gender Neutral Nursery

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

Parents are sweeping the baby blue and girlie pink aside in favor of the increasingly popular gender neutral nursery. From neutral, calming color palettes to bright geometric designs or boho and vintage touches, we’ve got the basics of designing a gorgeous gender neutral nursery covered.

Choose a theme

If picking a gender neutral color scheme feels a little overwhelming to start with, choose a theme to begin instead. Many popular nursery themes lend themselves well to decorating bubs room with a neutral touch. Some ideas to get you started: vintage, boho, animals, rustic and woodland. Pinterest is your very best DIY design friend when it comes to inspiring nursery themes.

Once you’ve chosen your theme, use elements of it on the walls and other decors. Remember, less is more when it comes to accessorizing bub’s room (link to previous post) and you really only need a few themed pieces to tie it all together.

Pick your palette

Now you've chosen the theme, it’s time to move on to the palette. Sticking with a neutral base to begin and you can add more pops of colour and decorative touches later.

A palette of greys and whites not only make for a calming, neutral base for the nursery, it's a palette that can be customised over time and bub grows. Other great neutral palettes include:

  • Grey and yellow - a timeless gender neutral palette

  • Navy, grey and yellow - a sweet palette with lots of pop

  • Navy, white and coral - a sophisticated, elegant combo

  • Green and white - fresh, crisp and modern

  • Orange and navy - a bold, modern palette

Use patterns and color

While the palette is neutral, don’t be afraid to add patterns and pops of colour to bring warmth and personality to the space. Clever ways to incorporate patterns include:

  • Wallpaper or mural wall

  • Rug

  • Textiles and upholstery

Popular gender neutral patterns include geometrics, polka dots, stripes and chevron. You can also make a traditionally feminine pattern like paisley and flowers more gender neutral by using it in a color like navy blue, green or yellow. To add an eclectic touch to your gender neutral nursery, mix and match colored patterns.

Add Art

Art is a gorgeous way to add character to any baby’s room, especially a gender neutral space. Animal prints, quotes, maps, letters, vintage embroidered hoops, garlands and hanging chalkboards all make great gender neutral options. Create a gallery wall with multiple prints in different patterns and pops of color or a whole wall illustration to really make a statement.

Lighting matters

Lighting is an important element of design for any nursery. Make the most of dimmers, wall lighting and table lamps. A chandelier or oversized pendant lamp will make a statement and a themed night light will add a beautiful calming glow when you’re trying to soothe bub back to sleep at 3 am.

Hopefully, these tips have inspired you on how to get started designing a gorgeous gender neutral nursery!