How to Create a Jungle Themed Nursery

Jungle-themed nurseries are lively, bold and an ideal fit for your new little explorer. They’re also a perfect option for setting up a nursery when you haven’t discovered the gender of your future baby. And the colors create a comforting mood when nap time comes around.

Combine shades of yellow, brown and green to create a mini-trip to the jungle! So, whether you want to fully embrace a safari theme or just decorate with stuffed giraffes and zebra prints, use these decorating tips to make the jungle nursery of your dreams.

1. Use a soft color palette

If you want to keep the room natural and soothing, use milder colors. Light yellow and mint green will help you create something subtly jungle-themed without being overwhelming.

2. Be understated

If you don’t want to go over the top, try using just a touch of the jungle. It’s possible to keep it playful without looking overdone.

3. Incorporate animal art

Whether you choose to go bold or keep it light, fun animal wall art is a must-have. Find some framed prints to bring the theme together.

4. Create a mural

Want to do a mural in your nursery? A jungle theme is your perfect excuse. Unleash your inner creativity and let the paint flow freely – or buy wall decals or hangings if you don’t have a steady hand with a paintbrush.

5. Accessorize

If you want to create a visually stimulating nursery for your baby, make it pop with vibrant colors and fun accessories. Make it feel like you’re on safari!

6. Buy stuffed animals

Here’s your chance to accessorize with lots of cute stuffed animals. A jungle-themed nursery needs lots of inhabitants, from elephants to parrots to lions. Hang a small netting or hammock across an upper corner of the room and fill it with stuffed animals to bring your tropical oasis to life.

7. Choose a favorite animal

Do you love a particular animal, like giraffes? Make your favorite creature the focal point of the entire room. You can choose coordinating décor to tie the entire space together, which makes decorating easy and fun.

8. Be imaginative

Paint on the ceiling and draw vines around the room for monkeys to swing from. Make your room come to life with your creativity!

Picking a design theme for your baby’s nursery makes it easy to decorate in a style that is not only visually interesting for your baby, but fun for you to explore, too. This is your opportunity to set up a space your whole family will love. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous.