Designing Your Hot Air Balloon Nursery

A charming trend for kids’ rooms, hot air balloons are both whimsical and imaginative. From wall art to blankets, incorporating balloons into your nursery decor is easy, and there are plenty of options. Why not hop aboard and treat your little one to some high-flying fun?

Up, Up and Away

A colorful mobile or light fixture is the ideal spot to incorporate some hot air balloons. Your baby can gaze up at the balloons before falling asleep and let their imagination take flight. Or, consider tying in the adventurous theme with some cute framed pictures of balloons drifting high into the sky. You could even get crafty and make balloons yourself out of papier-mache or construction paper!

Light It Up

Every nursery needs light. Feel the inspiration by hanging a string of paper lanterns shaped like hot air balloons. The soft glow they provide will be perfect when you need to get up for those middle-of-the-night feedings. Or, look for a table lamp that looks like a hot air balloon. The best part of decorating a baby’s room is that it can be as playful as you like!

Balloons Everywhere

We usually look to the skies if we want to see a hot air balloon, but you can certainly break the rules when decorating. How about a cute area rug for the nursery featuring a pattern of bright hot air balloons? It could easily become the focal point of the room, and you can design everything else around it. You can also look for soft baby bedding with a hot air balloon print, or prominently display books about balloons, travel or adventure.

Keep Your Head in the Clouds

When decking out your baby’s room, don’t forget the biggest canvas of all: the walls and ceiling. Paint one of your walls sky blue and add a shining sun to make the room cheerful. You can use wallpaper or removable decals to carry the adventurous theme through with not only balloons, but clouds, birds or even a world map to evoke a sense of exploration. And, if you prefer the vintage look, the hot air balloon theme easily carries over to an old-fashioned style.

The Sky’s the Limit

Hot air balloons are a symbol of freedom, and they also spark our imagination and creativity. No matter how you choose to decorate your hot air balloon nursery, there’s no doubt you and your little one will be on Cloud Nine with the amazing room you create. In no time, you’ll be soaring away to new heights with your baby’s room.