Designing a Fantasy Nursery

If you have an imaginative child who loves story time and is prone to flights of fancy, a fantasy nursery may be a perfect fit to continue sparking his or her imagination to new heights! Here are some of our favorite tips for designing a fanciful fantasy-themed nursery for your little one.

Decorating With Books

Every good fantasy starts with a well-spun tale, just like every good child’s room needs a big bookshelf and a cozy reading nook. Stock up on timeless favorites like Greek mythology or Grimm’s fairy tales. For an extra touch, look for antique or collector’s editions of these books that you can display prominently on the shelf. Round out the reading area with a library-style lamp and a cozy rocking chair so you and your child can spend afternoons enjoying story time together. As your child gets older and learns to read, they will love having their own special spot to go curl up with a good book.

Fantastic Beasts – and Where to Find Them

Your child’s room is your opportunity to get as creative as you want with elements like unicorn-patterned wallpaper or a wall covering that resembles an enchanted forest, with plenty of greenery and fairies peeking out behind every corner.

Fancy Furniture and Bedding

If you want to fully commit to your fantasy nursery theme, consider using furniture that’s reminiscent of a castle – think plush pillows, faux fur and rich fabrics like velvet. For an older child, you could get a canopy bed and deck it out with stuffed unicorns, or bedding with a fanciful rainbow pattern.

Mural or Wall Art

A fantasy nursery is the ideal place to incorporate a mural, featuring a backdrop of a beautiful blue sky and populated by mythical creatures like mermaids or friendly dragons. You can even look to specific fantasy stories for inspiration, especially childhood classics such as The Last Unicorn, The Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan or The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. If a mural seems too ambitious for you, another option is to look for stick-on decals with fantasy elements like castles, beanstalks or even maps of imaginary worlds like Middle-Earth and Narnia.

Keep Their Head in the Clouds

With the right decor, a room stops being just a room. It turns into a place where a child’s imagination is set free to run wild. A fantasy-themed nursery could lead your child to a lifelong love of reading and a sense of wonder they’ll never outgrow. Who knows? Growing up surrounded by the whimsical world of a fantasy nursery might inspire your little one to become the next J.K. Rowling, Philip Pullman or Diana Wynne Jones.