Design Ideas for Your Autumn-Themed Nursery

As the long, hot days of summer gradually turn to fall, many of us are looking forward to cooler weather and seasonal activities like watching autumn leaves change color, picking apples in sunny orchards or enjoying pumpkin-flavored everything. However, if you’re expecting a baby with a fall due date – or just love the idea of having a fall-inspired space – you may also enjoy decorating your nursery to reflect the season. Here are four easy design tips to help you get started.

Bring the Trees Indoors

Like in the song “Rock-a-Bye Baby,” you can put your baby in a treetop…but without the danger that would involve! There’s plenty of wall art, wallpaper and decals that can give your baby’s nursery the look of being in a tree. You can do just one tree, or add a whole accent wall of trees to make it look as if your baby is sleeping surrounded by a wooded glade. For the perfect finishing touches, add playful squirrels, cute raccoons or falling leaves on the wall to evoke the feeling of autumn. There are plenty of ways to go with this idea, and if you choose to use decals, all you need to do is place some stickers on the wall. How easy is that?

Go Rustic

From hayrides to making from-scratch apple pie, fall just has a naturally rustic vibe. You can give your nursery that same feeling! There’s no limit to your options here, so you can take it as far as you want to go. Start with neutral-toned paint and flooring – which isn’t just rustic in nature, but also a solid choice if you opted not to find out the gender of your baby. Next, incorporate accent pieces like a wooden crib or a woven hamper to bring nature indoors. Use warm wood tones to make the room feel earthy. If you wanted to carry the log-cabin look even further, you could add wood paneling to the walls.

Use Cozy Quilts

People say autumn is their favorite season for many different reasons. One is that the season evokes images of bright, crisp days, followed by chilly nights that make them want to curl up indoors with a hot beverage and a good movie. Why not carry that idea through by using quilts throughout your nursery? Not only do quilts come in many traditional patterns and colors that are easy to match with any of your existing décor, you can also use them in many ways – not just bedding, but also as wall hangings, or even rolled up and stored in baskets. If you or your family members are crafty, you can make homemade quilts as a special way to warm your baby from infancy through early childhood.

Fall-Toned Walls

The inviting colors of autumn are another of everyone’s favorite things about the season. Play around with shades of brown, gold, orange and green to create a stunning nursery that surrounds your baby with warmth. Top it all off with some matching accent pieces on the walls or windows, and you’re all set!

Whether you “fall” in love with one of these nursery ideas, or use them to inspire one of your own, bringing the new season into your baby’s room is one easy way to get creative and make a one-of-a-kind space to welcome your bundle of joy into the world.