Creating a Space Themed Nursery

When it comes to nursery design, the sky’s the limit – or is it? What if you went a bit further beyond the wild blue yonder into outer space? The cosmos has been a source of inspiration ever since humans first looked up into the night sky, and now you can make a baby room that’s truly out of this world. Here are three steps to get you started.

Step 1: Choose a Color Palette

The colors you use in your cosmic-themed nursery can be as bright or dark as you want. For example, consider painting three of the walls in a neutral shade like gray, and make one accent wall a rich, cobalt blue. You can then draw constellations on the blue wall with metallic silver or gold paint. If you want to fully embrace the galactic theme, go bold with star-shaped wall art and choose gray and white statement furniture to round out the mood. These pieces will stand out in your cosmic nursery and will set the scene for the decor you include in your design.

You can also tie the statement wall into the rest of the room by using metallic accent pieces. Gold or silver would both look at home in a room with neutral furniture. For example, get a shiny metal sculpture to add playful motion to the space, or include a silvery mirror on one wall. Gold or silver light fixtures or foil art prints for the walls can also help achieve this look.

Whatever color palette you choose to incorporate, your nursery will surely inspire you and your future space explorer.

2. Get Celestial

After you have decided on the basics like color scheme and furniture, it’s time to incorporate the touches that make your baby’s room a galactic dream.

For example, a mobile with all the planets of our solar system is a thoughtful focal point above the baby’s crib. Or, look for throw pillows with a moon-and-stars pattern and add them to your rocking chair for extra comfort. If you choose to go subtler with your space theme, use a colorful rug or some wall art to give a nod to outer space, without letting it take over the entire room.

Space-inspired lighting is another fun thing to include – for example, get a cosmic constellation lamp that splashes the stars onto the walls and ceiling, or a nightlight that is shaped like the full moon and gives off the same soft glow.

From space-inspired bedding to cosmic lighting, there’s no shortage of ways to outfit your little one’s cosmic nursery with the moon and stars.

3. Starry Clothes

If you choose to take your space theme “to infinity…and beyond,” you can go further than just decorating the nursery. Bring outer space into other aspects of your baby’s life by looking for clothing featuring rocket ships, planets, the moon and stars will tie neatly back into the theme, and inspire a love of space exploration in your little one as they grow up. You can even find accessories like a diaper bag, a pacifier or a teething ring that’s adorned with stars.

When you set up your nursery, take the popular saying “I love you to the moon and back” one step further with a cosmic nursery that will inspire your future Sally Ride or John Glenn to dream big and always shoot for the stars.