Creating a Nautical Nursery

As you explore creative nursery design ideas, you may find yourself drawn to the nautical nursery theme, and with good reason. Nautical nurseries have gained popularity because they are gender-neutral, playful and adventurous. With so many fun décor ideas for your baby’s room, it’s easy to see why you may want to sail the seven seas.

Anchors Aweigh!

Aside from being trendy, the nautical color palette is also very soothing and creates a calm vibe for babies as they learn and grow.

  • Blue is a cool color that’s easy to mix and match. You can use light or dark blue, or a combination of both. If you go with blue as your primary color, pair it with white or tan to keep the color scheme light.

  • Use splashes of white as an accent color throughout the nursery for a clean look.

  • Gray is an excellent neutral tone, especially when paired with splashes of brighter color.

  • Earthy tones like tan and beige are an excellent choice for a nautical nursery because they evoke the idea of standing on a sandy beach.

  • Don’t overlook red as an accent color. It pairs especially well with blue.

Under the Sea – and on the Walls

The most straightforward way to bring nautical décor into your baby’s room is on the walls. For example, consider a whimsical ocean mural with friendly fish, dolphins, octopuses and whales, or wall art featuring anchors, seashells and sailboats.

If a mural seems a bit too advanced for you, consider painting with wide blue-and-white stripes, or choose a nautical wallpaper featuring seahorses and starfish. Or, create an accent wall that shows ocean waves rolling in.

Lost at Sea

Accent pieces can become creative focal points in a baby’s bedroom. Keep with your maritime theme with some of these ideas:

  • Use red-and-white life preservers as wall décor, especially if you have navy blue walls.

  • A baby mobile featuring sea creatures will help your little one learn about some of the animals that live in our oceans.

  • Choose stuffed animals like plush whales, or decorate with throw pillows that have a naval vibe.

Come Sail Away

Tie in your theme with the carpet and curtains. In your nautical nursery, choose a sand-colored rug to symbolize the ocean floor, or a wavy blue rug that resembles ocean waves.

Your curtains are also an important part of your decor. Maintain your nautical theme with navy curtains, or look for a print featuring fish, boats or anchors.

Ahoy, mates! Chart a course for these fun nautical bedroom décor ideas, and before you know it, you and your baby will be setting sail for an oceanic adventure on the high seas. Remember, if this room makes you and your baby feel at home, you can’t go wrong. Happy decorating!