Creating a Dinosaur Themed Nursery

Many little adventurers and junior paleontologists naturally gravitate toward dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. Why not encourage their curiosity by setting up a dinosaur-themed nursery? If you’re ready to add some rawwr to your little one’s room, read on for some ideas to jump-start your imagination.

Let the Walls and Floors Be Your Playground One of the best things about a dino-themed room is that there’s no danger of it becoming boring. Whether you choose to get playful with wallpaper or wall art, or add a fun rug with a friendly herbivore, you can have fun decorating while sparking your child’s interest in all things prehistoric. Now, their room can surround them with their favorite dinosaurs all the time!

Go for All-Natural Furniture Evoke the Jurassic Park vibe – minus the velociraptors – with some wooden furniture. Consider a bamboo dresser or bookshelf. And, if your child is ready to graduate to a “big-kid bed,” look for a headboard made from woven seagrass.

Choose a Leaf Motif Another excellent way to carry a dinosaur theme through the entire room is to incorporate plants. You can do so either by painting plants like ferns and palm trees on the walls, or by getting some real or artificial potted plants and using them as accent pieces throughout the nursery.

It’s All About the Earth Tones Earthy colors like browns and greens would make any dinosaur or dino-loving child feel right at home. If you’re worried about earth tones making the nursery seem too dark, remember these colors tend to match well with many shades, which means you can incorporate brighter tones like sunny yellow without fear of clashing.

Sleeping With Stegosaurus Fun dinosaur bedding is always a welcome touch in any kid’s room, especially if you are planning to carry your prehistoric theme throughout the nursery. Look for sheets, blankets and throw pillows with a dinosaur pattern – and don’t forget the stuffed dinos, which you can use on the bed or scatter throughout the room.

Light it Up Kids who love dinosaurs will be excited about dinosaur-themed light fixtures or lampshades patterned with prehistoric animals. What about a triceratops-shaped table lamp, or a ceiling fixture that looks like a pterodactyl? Lighting is the perfect finishing touch for your nursery.

Millions of years after they ruled our planet, these giant prehistoric reptiles continue to fascinate us – and scientists learn more about them every day. If you have a young, inquisitive dinosaur enthusiast on your hands, there’s no better way to stimulate their curiosity than by setting up a dino-themed room that helps them learn more about early life on Earth. Perhaps they will grow up to be a famous paleontologist making their own groundbreaking discoveries!