5 Tips For Creating A Peaceful Nursery

We know it’s easy to get super excited about nursery design but it’s important to take a step back and remember the room’s purpose. Creating a peaceful nursery where bub can eat, play and rest should be the base of every design decision. Here are a few ways to make the nursery a beautifully serene space.

Use calming colors

Choose colors with care to create a peaceful space for your little one. A few of the best picks for creating a peaceful nursery include:

  • Muted greens - Calming, refreshing and nurturing. It creates feelings of harmony, balance and reassurance and is found abundantly in nature.

  • Blue - Healing and soothing. Stick to warm or bright blues and go easy on the navy or dark shades.

  • Earthy neutrals - Have a warm, grounding effect. They create a cozy atmosphere and are easy on the eyes. Earthy shades will give bubs eyes a rest from the stimulation of colors and patterns.

Keep in mind that the room won’t always be a nursery, so opting for a color that can transition later is a good idea. Unless you love painting!

Don’t go overboard

While it’s exciting to shop for your newest arrival, don’t go crazy cramming too much stuff into the nursery. Excessive trinkets, toys and patterns can over stimulate bub.

It’s a good idea to take a more minimalist approach, focus on the essentials and add toys and decorative touches sparingly.

Use essential oils

If you’re not already onboard with essential oils, now is a great time to start. Essential oils can soothe and protect your little one from a variety of ailments. However, not all essential oils are good for babies so be sure to choose the right ones. Here are two especially gentle and calming oils for babies.

  • Lavender Oil: Your go-to oil for baby’s room. It’s an incredibly soothing oil - great for new mums too! - shown to reduce stress and allow your little dreamer to wind down and sleep.

  • Roman Chamomile Oil: Like Lavender, Roman Chamomile has calming properties that bring a feeling of serenity to space. A suggested oil for times of tantrums and irritability.

Invest in high-quality oils, a great diffuser and always take care with instructions to reap the full benefits.

White noise

A quiet bedroom is essential to promoting sleeping. Use items like textiles, plush wool rug and upholstered furniture to help with the acoustics and divert noise. That said, white noise will help bub sleep and there are white noise machines designed specifically for creating a peaceful nursery.

Use different levels of lighting

Consider different types of lighting depending on the time of day and night. The bright light fixture you use during the day to illuminate the whole nursey can be a real sleep killer at night. Include some low light options like a floor lamp or table lamp with a dimmer or low wattage bulb.

Hopefully, these tips can help you create an incredibly soothing nursery environment. Remember, don’t get too caught up in the tiny details, just take time to enjoy this special process.